Tech Trends – What’s Appening on mobile?

Much of the talk in the past has been about increasing audience fragmentation on mobile, web and smartphone apps. But according to the US Mobile App Report, the opposite may actually be happening — concentration and consolidation.

What has become glaringly evident is that more and more digital media time is being spent on a smaller and smaller number of apps – over 50% on just 5 apps. This unsurprisingly is led by Facebook, but Youtube, Google Maps, Instagram and Facebook messenger also feature prominently. The result is that users are also downloading fewer new apps, so it’s getting harder to break through.

Tech Trends – Create your own story

Interactive storytelling is gradually migrating from video games onto smartphones and even TVs. The greater engagement with a storyline, especially ones in which viewers can choose the direction the narrative takes as well as the ending, is creating new opportunities for brand advertisers. Netflix took the first step with shows like “Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale”, but many brands like Amazon are expected to soon follow suit. Passive viewing of ads is fast becoming a thing of the past and a new future where customers actually create their own ads is dawning.


Boss Baby – Bring your kids to work day.

Fun in advertising was given a whole new meaning with Bring Your Kids To Work Day. The office is always a little chaotic but throw in a dozen or so under 10’s, truckloads of sweets and sugar and suddenly the atmosphere is even more like a circus than usual. Oh, and we also discovered a few new art directors as well.